For Two Hours, A Massachusetts Bar Accepts Monopoly Cash.

As part of its bid to be included in a localized version of the game, a Massachusetts bar announced it will accept Monopoly money as currency for two hours.

Customers who visit Ralph’s Tavern in Worcester between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday can pay the $5 cover charge with Monopoly money, which can also be used to purchase hot dogs, non-alcoholic Jell-O shots, and raffle tickets.

According to the owners of the bar, state laws prohibit them from accepting Monopoly money for alcoholic beverages, so legal tender will still be required for drinks during Wednesday’s event.

Ralph’s Tavern, Worcester’s “oldest tavern,” is campaigning to be included in a localized Worcester version of Monopoly being produced by Top Trumps USA, the company licensed by Hasbro to produce localized Monopoly games.

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